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Mata Chamunda Devi 

How to reach Mata Chamunda Devi Temple

Click to EnlargeTemple of Chamunda devi is situated on the right bank of river ďBanerĒ in district Kangra of Himachal Pradesh in India. The famous Temple is connected with Dharamshala - Palampur National Highway.

By Air:-Nearest Airport is Gaggal (Dharamshala) which is connected with New Delhi and Chandigarh by daily Flights. The Distance of Shrine from airport is 28 Kms.

By Train:-Nearest railway station is Pathankot for broad gauge trains and there is also a narrow gauge train in Kangra district for which the railway station is Nagrota Bagwan.

By Road:-Motorable roads connect this Shrine from Palampur & Dharamshala. Taxis can be hired from these places. Distance from Dharamshala to Shrine is 14 Kms. & from Palampur 18 Kms.This all is hilly and beautiful scenic area all along the valley. Frequent state transport bus service is available from all important cities of Punjab, Haryana, New Delhi, Chandigarh and J & K.

At Mandir for Devi Darshan 

1. Once you reach the main gate of Temple, buy Parshad (Food blessed by God ) from any shop around the way, you can also bring your own offerings from home. In general Pan,Supari,Dhawaza,Narela,loung,elaichi are accepetd as Parshad according to Holy Shastras.
2. After crossing the main gate and all the shops on the way you will reach near the Temple. Before entering the Temple you have to put off your shoes and wash your hands.
3. Abide by the procedure and wait for the turn of Darshans. Do not attempt to jump the queue.
4. When you enter the Temple you will find main hall and in that is the MAA CHAMUNDA DEVI TEMPLE. And there you can have the Darshan of Goddess Chamunda.
5. Near the main Temple on the left hand side down stairs there is a Shiva Temple. The Shiva Temple is situated under a very huge rock and is known as Nandi Keshwar Dham..

Do's & Dont's While on the Yatra

1. Please uphold the sanctity of the pilgrimage and avoid loud dresses, vulgar language or offensive talk or gestures.
2. Respect the sentiments of co-pilgrims.
3. Cooperate with the security agencies for security checks.
4. Please avoid resting near poolside.
5. Refrain from smoking, chewing tobacco and betel leaves, spitting, spreading litter, playing cards etc. 
6. Keep the environment clean. Throw the disposables in the dustbins only. In particular, minimize use of plastics.
7. Take proper care whatever you carry and beware of pickpockets and petty thieves.
8. Donít trust strangers with belongings. Deposit all excess baggage in the cloak rooms.
9. Donít eat anything offered by strangers
10.Beware of suspicious persons and unclaimed articles and report about the same to the security personnel.
11.Donít encourage begging. Begging is strictly prohibited.
12.Obtain cash receipt for any cash paid at the Shrine Board outlets.
13.Sticking posters, writing on the walls, mutilating or damaging the property is a legal offence.
14.Video film shooting is prohibited in mandir premises.
15.Donít offer any cash or jewelry in front of the Mata Chamunda Devi. Instead deposit the same in the donation boxes.

Basic Facilities 

1. Free Langar in Lunch and Dinner time.
2.Free accommodation is available in Templeís Sarai.
3.Toilets have been constructed in the temple complex.
4.Fresh drinking water in Temple and Langar Bhawan Complex.
5.Parking facilities near bus stand and also in the temple complex.
6.Special arrangements are made during Navratra fairs for trouble free darshan of Devi.
7.Three storeyed Samndaik Bhawan Consiting of Langar Hall and with facility of residential accomodation and for organising Kirtan,Bhajans and religious discourses and Seminars etc.

Other Attractions

1. A beautiful artificial lake near the temple, full of fresh water of Baner river flowing nearby is used as the bathing ghat. There are artificial sculptures of Goddess Saraswati and other objects in this lake which add attraction to it. The Whole Complex has been renovated and beautified. Boating facility has also been provided.
2. Facilities of photography encompassing the Dhauladhars beside the river Baner is also an additional attraction for the pilgrims.
3. Silver sheets with beautified carvings have been fixed on the interior walls of the sanctorum of the diety.
4. Handicrafts centre being run in the temple complex contain items of the wood carvings, wooden toys, black pottery, honey, Kangra tea and world famous Kangra Paintings.
5. An Ayurvedic dispensary is also being run in the temple complex to provide immediate medical aid to the pilgrims and locals.
6. Temple Trust has its own rich library with a rare stock of old manuscripts, books on astrology, Hindu philosophy, Vedas, Puranas, Upanishads, Sanskrit literature, history and religion. A book-sale counter has also been set up to provide religious books at cheaper rates.
7. Sanskrit college is being run by the temple trust. Special education in Karam Kand is imparted to the students in order to preserve and propagate great traditions of Vedas and Puranas. The education is free and students are also served free food both the times. Free Hostel facilities have also been provided.

Morning Aarti of Mata Chamunda Devi


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Evening Aarti of Mata Chamunda Devi

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 "Chalo Bulawa Aaya Hai, Mata ne Bulaya Hai"